Electric Compressors, EV Systems Enhancements and Heat Pumps
Electric Compressors, EV Systems Enhancements and Heat Pumps
EV and hybrid manufacturers are searching for every yard/meter of range they can squeeze out of their vehicles. In the race to get their newest offerings into the driveways of consumers, range is a major factor. HVAC can severely effect vehicle range, and engineers are doing everything possible to reduce the impact of this creature comfort/necessity.
We will explore electric compressor design, 3-phase motor operation, and electronic compressor control. Testing a HIGH VOLTAGE (HV) electric compressor requires PPE, specific equipment, and procedures; both will be discussed and safely demonstrated.
Heat pump system theory, design, components, and operation will be discussed and demonstrated in heating and cooling modes using temperature and pressure analysis. Thermal management systems which usually incorporate an electric compressor and heat pump, will be fully explained.
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