MACS Mobile A/C Diagnostics APP 

All MACS dues-paying members will receive ONE MACS mobile A/C diagnostics app free of charge provided their dues are paid. Additional downloads are $60 annually.  The app is for both Apple and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded from your respective app store. Search for MACS Mobile A/C Diagnostics. After the download expect to be verified within 24 hours.

How does it work?

The MACS mobile A/C diagnostic app is a native app, meaning you have the ability to use many of the built-in features of your mobile device. 

To Navigate to Settings Location

Settings Screen

 Enter Your information


On the top of the screen, to the right of Mobile A/C Diagnostics you will see a stacked bar icon.  Press it to access settings. This is where you can change your password and add your business information.

Mobile A/C system specifications

A/C Specs for cars and light duty trucks

Mobile A/C and Engine Cooling System Specs Menu
Repair Procedures

Component Locations

The icons directly below the title, Mobile A/C Diagnostics, are used to identify / select the specific vehicle information you are looking for. For example: refrigerant charge.

  • Vin: Press the Scan Vin icon, type in the VIN and confirm.
  • Plate: Press Plate and enter the letters and numbers for the license plate along with the state.
  • Vehicle:  Press Vehicle, select year, make, model, sub-model (if applicable), engine. 


After completing the vehicle selection all available information is ready for selection. Simply touch what you are looking for. 
  Hint: Because this is a native app, all images are expandable by placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them apart.

Truck and off-road vehicle data
Truck Reference Section

Truck Reference Display

To access all available truck and off- road vehicle data simply touch the area where the title, Truck and Off Road Vehicle Data appears. 
You will be taken to the truck and off-road vehicle data library.  
You can either browse for the data you are looking for or enter a key word to be presented with the available information. 

MACS members ATC, AGCO and T/CCI Manufacturing have provided pdfs of helpful reference data. Keep in mind that truck reference data is VERY HARD TO OBTAIN and MACS has exhausted all resources to obtain it. Our best resource was our member suppliers and we are grateful for what they have shared with us.

The best of all MACS resources have also been added to this app so you can have them in the palm of your hand for access.

MACS Service Reports

Service Report Menu

 Service Report Display

To access the MACS Service Reports archive, simply touch the area titled Service Reports.

Press the year and then the month. This allows you to view the entire issue of MACS Service Reports for that month and year.

MACS ACTION ™ Magazine

 ACTION Magazine Selection

 ACTION Magazine Issue Display

To access past issues of ACTION  Magazine, simply touch the area titled ACTION Magazine and select the issue you are interested in viewing. This allows you to view the entire issue.

Training Resources

Training Resources section

 Link to MACS Training Pages on MACS website

To access training available from MACS simply touch the area titled Training Resources.  You will be taken to the MACS website where you can view all of the available resources.

Mobile A/C Service Checklists

                                                        Checklist Section                                                                     Checklist  Display

To access the service checklists simply touch the area titled Mobile A/C Service Checklists.  You will be taken to a screen with multiple thumbnails.  Simply touch the thumbnail that interests you and it will become visible.  In the upper right corner, you will notice 3 stacked dots.  Touch the icon to be able to “Send,” “Open With,” “Download,” “Print” and “Report a Problem.” To print directly from the app, you must follow the steps to configure your printer.

Supplier Directory

                                Supplier directory section                                                                      Supplier directory display

To access the MACS Supplier Directory, simply touch the area titled Supplier Directory.  There you will find a list of MACS member suppliers along with a hyperlink which will take you directly to their website or a phone number if there is no website. Just touch the company you are interested in and off you go.

As always with all MACS member services, if you have any questions call the MACS office at 215-631-7020 x 0 or email


 MACS Mobile A/C Diagnostics App Terms of Service