Online Video for Section 609 Training


Section 609 Training on your Computer

If you are looking for a training course or need extra help to prepare for the MACS Section 609 certification test,you can now purchase a recorded Section 609 test prep webinar for $25 at the MACS web store as a learning aid to help you comprehend and navigate the MACS Section 609 certification test.

The MACS Section 609 test prep webinar is designed to help technicians gain knowledge to become Section 609 certified to service vehicles using R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerant. The webinar does not take the place of thoroughly reading the MACS Section 609 study manual.

The webinar is a training aid to gaining knowledge to help technicians pass the online test.

Federal law requires all technicians who wish to purchase refrigerant in quantities of 2 pounds or more must be Section 609 certified and show their credential at purchase.

The webinar recording is approximately 60 minutes and you will have access to it for three weeks.
Currently, it is only available in English.

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