MACS Mobile A/C Textbooks

Modern Automotive HVAC Systems (Volume 1, 2nd Edition)

Modern Automotive HVAC Systems covers the following topics:

  • Principles of Operation

  • System design and components

  • Retrofit, background, overview and future

  • Cooling system components and operation-overview

  • Cooling system components and operation-air delivery systems

  • Diagnostic and service equipment tools

  • A/C System testing and diagnostics

  • A/C System service and repair

  • Diagnostic charts and checklists

MACS members price is $29.95 plus shipping and non-members pay $59.95 plus shipping;  The instructor guide, which includes a powerpoint, is $179.95
This textbook is also available in Spanish.

The Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical and Electronic Systems (Volume 2)

Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical and Electronic Systems, covers the following topics:

  • Safety and precautions
  • Electrical basics,
  • The multi meter and circuit designs,
  • Wiring diagrams and service information,
  • Introduction to electronics and system controls,
  • Electrical/electronic troubleshooting and diagnosis,
  • HVAC control systems,
  • Blower motors and cabin filters,
  • Air delivery systems.

This textbook is a continuation of MACS flagship textbook Modern Automotive HVAC Systems released in 2011. The MACS member price is $39.95 plus shipping per textbook and non-members pay $69.95 plus shipping. The Instructor guide is $189.95 plus shipping.

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