Electric Compressor Systems Safe Service & Best Practices

Join us for an in depth class and Hands on training on Electric Compressor Systems Safe Service and Best Practices on Saturday, October 7th.
Safety is a top priority in any service environment, particularly when dealing with high-voltage systems. We will extensively cover Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements and the specific shop equipment necessary for HVAC service, as well as the additional equipment needed for complete Hybrid/EV service. Moreover, we will emphasize shop safety procedures and items to ensure safe Hybrid/EV service practices.

Understanding high voltage is crucial for working with Hybrid/EV systems. We will discuss the differences between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) and explore the safety measures associated with them. Participants will gain insight into the varying voltage levels present in Hybrid/EV systems and learn about battery construction and safety, capacitors, as well as the Main Disconnect and "Safe-Down" procedures.  To gain a comprehensive understanding of Hybrid/EV vehicles, we will explain the various components present in these systems. Participants will learn about the Traction Battery Module, Power Distribution, High Voltage Wiring, Interlock Circuits, Onboard Chargers (Level 1 and 2), DC/DC Converter, Inverters, Motors, and HVAC systems.

Electric compressors play a significant role in Hybrid/EV vehicles, and we will explore their 3-Phase Motor Operation, Compressor Control Inverters, and On/Off Vehicle Testing. Special service considerations related to Electric Compressors will also be covered. Thermal management is a critical aspect of Hybrid/EV vehicles, and we will discuss various systems involved, including Battery Cooling, Chillers, Heat Pumps, and overall Thermal Management Systems.

Throughout the workshop, active participation and engagement are encouraged, as we believe interactive learning enhances comprehension and retention. Let's embark on this learning journey together and make the most of this valuable training opportunity!

10/7/2023 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
225 South Broad Street Lansdale, PA 19446 UNITED STATES

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