Encore Presentation - 2020 Mobile A/C Update Webinar

Encore Presentation -  2020 Mobile A/C Update Webinar
This is an "Encore Presentation" with live Q &A of our 2020 Mobile AC Update Webinar.

Registration includes the webinar and a manual.  This is free to MACS members and $35 for non members.

Every year the Mobile Air Conditioning Society creates a special mobile A/C update clinic to help working technicians keep up with the rapidly changing mobile A/C service and repair industry. MACS manager of technician training, Steve Schaeber wants today’s technicians to, “Spend a few hours investing in mobile A/C and engine cooling training that they can take home to their shops and put to work the next day to keep them efficient and profitable while offering customers reliable repairs.”

The training topics for MACS 2020 Mobile A/C Update clinics are:

Sometimes we think too hard
Manifold gauge pressures vs. line temperatures: The inexact science evolves
Fluorescent leak detection
A/C airflow switches to defrost
A/C performance in hot climates / engine temps
Software fix for HVAC Noise?
In-car and OAT (Ambient) temperature sensors
Electronics comes to the “thermostatic” expansion valve
A few A/C shorts
Update on refrigerant regulations, R-1234yf and Section 609 Certification

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11/30/2020 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
In Your Home or At Your Shop By Yourself or With Coworkers UNITED STATES

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