Chemours Wins Counterfeit Case in China Over Freon™ and Suva™
                                                                                   Trademark Infringement
                                    Chemours Brand Assurance Program Cracks Down on Counterfeits Around the World

WILMINGTON, Del., November 10, 2017 – The Chemours Company (Chemours) (NYSE: CC), a global
chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical
solutions, announced today that on June 21, 2017 the Guangzhou Bai Yun People’s Court ruled in favor
of Chemours prosecuting Mr. Zhang Yong for trademark infringement of the Freon™ and Suva™
refrigerant brands.

The leader of a group Zhang Yong and his group selling counterfeit refrigerants in China has been
sentenced to nine-month imprisonment and fined about RMB 47,000 ($7,077 USD) on charges of
infringing upon Freon™ and Suva™ trademarks owned by The Chemours Company.
As a part of the extensive investigation, the Guangzhou Police, in coordination with Chemours, raided a
warehouse used by the group and seized RMB 74,248 ($11,180 USD) in counterfeit products, including
101 cylinders of Freon™ R-22, Freon™ R-23, and Suva™ 407C along with 513 cylinders of Suva™
134a. Other evidence recovered in the seizure directly indicated the prior sale of RMB 70,885 ($10,674
USD) in refrigerants bearing the misappropriated trademarks.
The warehouse was found to have been used for pouring, producing, and distributing refrigerants bearing
the Chemours name.

“We are pleased with this outcome as we take protection of our brands seriously. In addition, it is
extremely important for the safety and efficiency of the equipment using these refrigerants to have a high
level of confidence in the source,” shares Lesley Aulick, Global Business Director and Brand Protection
Leader for the Chemours Refrigerants business.

The seizure is part of the Chemours Brand Assurance Program, an initiative that aims to mitigate risk by
ensuring customers receive a genuine product. Although the amount of counterfeit Chemours product
continues to be very low, Chemours continues to diligently monitor and police counterfeiting on a global
basis in order to protect its customers and its brands. Through compliance with customs and law
enforcement officials, Chemours has made substantial progress in limiting illegal means of product
transportation and in preventing the sale of counterfeit refrigerants.

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