Bus-Air Mobile A/C Training Class
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area
August 29, 2014

Member of MACS, Bus-Air Manufacturing of Rhome, TX has announced an A/C training clinic for school bus, shuttle bus and fire truck technicians including a section 609 certification testing class on Friday, August 29th at the Texas Motor Speedway,
(Speedway Club) in Ft. Worth, Texas. Class will begin at 8:00am

Bus air specialists Bobby Woods Jr. and Tony Woods will deliver the presentations.

Bus-Air will cover the ABC's of A/C, history, modern applications, system components in an intense class based on practical experiences in mobile A/C repair gained over 44 years. Meet one of the founders of aftermarket A/C from 1957. Hats and shirts will be given away.

The afternoon class session ( 1:30-3:00 ) will be held at World Headquarters of Bus-Air Manufacturing, a 70,000 SF facility just 7 miles west of the Texas Motor Speedway on Hwy 114. This class will be hands-on teaching of the fundamentals of A/C diagnosis and
repair..how to read gauges etc.

Cost is $ 175.00 per person and RSVP is mandatory by 8-22-14
Breakfast and lunch will be served. This event is sponsored and presented by Bus-Air.

To register contact:


Bobby Woods

General Manager

Bus-Air Mfg.

817-636-2308 Office

817-636-5703 Fax

800-473-9914 Toll Free

817-771-5793 Cell