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Manufacturer/Supplier Members: Organizations performing the original manufacture of HVAC systems for application on vehicles and equipment. Manufacturer status shall be accorded those Organizations which, in the view of the President, produce a significant number of units for resale, or establish design and/or performance criteria in contracting for the supply of original equipment units for their vehicles.

Also to be assigned to this section are industry suppliers including but not necessarily limited to:

(1) Manufacturers of new parts, refrigerants, supplies and service tools used in the mobile HVAC industry.

(2) Remanufacturers of parts and service tools used in the mobile HVAC industry.

(3) Suppliers of production equipment used for the manufacture of HVAC system components.

(4) Organizations that are the principal owners of the brand or trade name of parts, equipment, refrigerant, anti-freeze, cleaning solutions, supplies and service tools sold through them to the mobile HVAC industry.

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Associate Member Section: Those considered for this designation are the following:

(1) Testing laboratories with capabilities suited for the testing of parts for complete HVAC systems.

(2) Engineers or consultants who are specific to the industry.

(3) Independent manufacturer representatives serving the industry.

(4) Publishers of books or trade publications relevant to the industry.

(5) Trade Associations in the automotive, HVAC or related industries.

(6) Students and instructors that are in colleges or recognized trade schools.

(7) Retirees – those no longer actively employed in the industry.

Individual Member Section: Individuals with an interest in the mobile HVAC industry who do not qualify for membership in any other member section, or who desire to maintain membership in the Association independent of any possible membership on the part of a firm or corporation. Individual membership shall not serve as an alternative to a firm or corporation membership.


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Service/Installer Members: Organizations or Individuals actively engaged in servicing or repairing mobile HVAC systems and/or installing systems.

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Distributor Members: Organizations or Individuals actively engaged in stocking, promoting and distributing mobile HVAC systems or parts. Such distribution shall include both wholesale and retail functions. In cases where service or installation is performed, those functions should be considered secondary to the marketing of systems or parts.

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