Proctor Information

Training Seminar

The MACS proctored Section 609 Certification training seminar consists of a PDF presentation to be narrated by the instructor, and the distribution of the MACS certification training manual. The test is a 25-question closed book test. The Proctor/Trainer then collects the tests and submits them to the MACS office.

The tests are graded by an independent scoring facility which reports the results to MACS. If a passing score is obtained, MACS mails a certificate and a wallet-sized identification card to the technician.

The technician is then certified to purchase refrigerant R-12, R-134a and R-1234yf and perform service on mobile A/C systems.  

Tests are available in English and Spanish. The fee per test is $15. Technicians who lose their credentials will be charged a $10 replacement fee. For additional questions call MACS Worldwide at (215) 631-7020 and press “0” for operator.

Approved Proctors

Purchase the MACS Proctor/Trainer Certification Instructor Kit at the MACS online store.

Purchase Kit

When you have been approved as a Proctor/Trainer you may order tests and test booklets.

Tests must be returned with payment of $15 per test. Class fees should be paid with one check or a credit card. (If individual checks or money orders are provided from the students in the class the cost of each test becomes $17.50.)

Apply for Proctor/Trainer

Fill out the downloadable MACS Proctor/Trainer application


Submit application via fax to the MACS office at (215) 631-7017, e-mail to or mail to

MACS Worldwide
P.O. Box 88 
Lansdale, PA 19446