SAE International Program Sets Conformance Standards for
Mobile Air Conditioning Manufacturer

In response to industry and consumer requests, a new program developed by SAE International provides conformance measures for mobile air conditioning (MAC)  industry.

The program, which is overseen by SAE International’s Interior Climate Control Standards Committee (ICCSC), offers a procedure for certifying compliance with appropriate SAE International technical standards, can be used by MAC manufacturers, along with testing facilities and providers of technical training.

While certification of any product is voluntary, suppliers who advertise their products as certified to an SAE International “J” standard are required to follow the procedure established by this program. Such certification is designed to raise the level of confidence and to assure consumers of MAC components, equipment and technician training programs that the providers are following and meeting the expected performance criteria set by SAE International standards.

The basis of the program is governed by SAE J2911 – “Procedure for Certification that Requirements for Mobile Air Conditioning System Components, Service Equipment, and Service Technician Training Meet SAE J Standards,” a revised version of which was issued in January. Use of the program assures end users that MAC parts, components and training products meet the strict performance set forth by SAE International.

MAC  Industry suppliers are encouraged to visit the new SAE MAC  Database Website:
Companies can register on the site which will act as a database of those manufacturers and technician training programs submitting claims of conformance for their products.

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