Mobile A/C Essentials Webinar

Mobile A/C Essentials Webinar
The Mobile A/C Service Essentials webinar is designed to familiarize both shops and technicians with the current state of air conditioning service. While this seminar is not designed as a complete A/C refresher course, it touches on many foundations from previous HVAC courses and adds current information regarding new technologies, diagnostic techniques and the critical nature of Climate Control systems today.
In this seminar, we will discuss:
Current equipment standards and how to verify capabilities
The future with R-1234yf and how it will impact the service bay and customer satisfaction
Changes in leak detection and how to verify equipment operation
A review of the new service processes and RRR machines including video demonstrations
A review of tools and techniques to save time and increase accuracy
This is available for thirty days from purchase. The video is approximately 105 minutes in length.
Non-member price: 55.00
You save: 36.4%

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