IHS Automotive has made available their third quarter commercial vehicle report available by clicking here to view statistical data.

Key points of the Commercial Vehicle Quarterly Report are:

•             Commercial vehicle new registrations were down 3.4% YOY for the first nine months of the 2016 CYTD

•             GVW 8 vehicles (-18.3% YOY) and GVW 7 (-1.5% YOY) were the only segment to not exceed new registrations in the first nine months of the 2015 CYTD. Largest YOY increase: GVW 4 (22.0%), GVW 6 (13.6%) and GVW 5 (11.0%) vehicles

•             Based on first nine months of new registrations, the Index of New Registrations (GVWs 3-8) indicates an annual volume of 685,000 units, down 15,000 units from the June Index and 4.3% lower than the 2015 CY

•             New registrations were down 14.8% YOY in the Central region (-23.7% YOY for GVW 8) and down 5.7% YOY in the South region (-19.1% YOY for GVW 8) compared to the national decline of 3.4%

•             Ford continues as the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a share of 29.8% in the 2016 CYTD resulting from a 9.7% YOY increase in new registrations and a strong share in GVWs 3-6 (GVW 3 45.2%, GVW 4 61.8%, GVW 5 67.9% and GVW 6 34.2%)

•             New registrations of GVW 8 vehicles by fleets of 500+ were down 25.5% YOY

•             Vehicles in Operation (VIO) of GVW 3-8 vehicles were 12.964M end of September and 4,034 for GVW 8 vehicles

•             New trailer (24+ft) registrations were up 13.3% YOY, van trailers accounted for 72.1%

•             Diesel engines accounted for 74.7% of new registrations in the 2016 CYTD and Cummins accounted for 39.0% of the total followed by Ford at 17.6%

•             Demand for aftermarket replacement demand for remanufactured parts in the next twelve months in the U.S. exceeds the demand for new parts in the same category on a part for part basis

•             The top 6 GVW 8 manufacturers accounted for just over 90.0% of total GVW 8 new registrations in the 2016 CYTD

•             GVW 8 tractor truck new registrations were down 26.0% in the 2016 CYTD versus straight truck new registrations which were up 3.0% in the same period

•             Canadian new registration in the 2016 CYTD are down 8.1% YOY