MACS board of directors elects officers for 2017

L to R David Jack, DENSO, Tanya Johnson, Johnny's Radiator, and Andy Fiffick, RAD AIR

The board of directors of the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide met during the 2017 Training Event and Trade Show and elected officers.

Andy Fiffick of Rad Air Complete Car Care, Cleveland, OH will serve as MACS chairman and CEO.  Steve Sunday of Sunair, Ft. Worth, TX will serve as MACS vice chairman. David Jack from DENSO Aftermarket Sales, Long Beach, CA was elected as MACS association treasurer, and Tanya Johnson of Johnny’s Radiator, Warrren, AR will be MACS secretary.

The MACS Board of Directors has thirteen members: four members representing service and repair, four members representing distribution and four members representing manufacturing and the past chairman.

Andy Fiffick of Rad Air Complete Car Care, Cleveland, OH, Caroline Marks Acebedo of Marks Air, Tampa, FL, Jim Atkinson of Car Repair Company, Scottsdale, AZ, and Tanya Johnson of Johnny's Radiator, Warren, AR, are the representatives of the service and repair shops.

The distributor members are represented by Randy Rankin of Ranshu, Reno, NV and Largo, FL, Steve Sunday of Sunair, Ft. Worth, TX, Mark Schmitz of Global Parts Distributors, Macon, GA and Agnes Perez of Auto Air Parts of San Juan, PR.

Representing manufacturers are David Jack of DENSO Products and Services, Long Beach, CA, Charlie Roberts of T/CCI Manufacturing, Decatur, IL, Gary Hansen of RED DOT, Seattle, WA and Al Leupold, of Bergstrom, Rockville, IL.

Jim Hittman, Badger Refrigeration, Eau Claire, WI is serving as past chairman.

 Each year half of the board members are up for election for a two-year term.

The board meets three times a year, once at the annual training event when officers are elected by the board, once in the spring to review MACS budget and finances for the next fiscal year and once in the fall.