Section 609 Certification


United States Clean Air Act
MACS Section 609 Refrigerant Recycling and Recovery Certification Program

Since 1990, over 960,000 technicians have achieved Section 609 certification through the MACS Worldwide certification program.
MACS created the first technician certification program and it and the MACS organization were cited by name in the Clean Air Act of 1990 (Title VI, Section 609)
See . On July 14, 1992, the U.S. EPA’s 40 CFR Part 82, “Protection of Stratospheric Ozone,” Final Rule was published in the Federal Register.
This rule dealt with service of automotive air conditioning systems, including technician certification.

The Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Program developed by MACS to meet requirements under Section 609 of the Clean Air Act was formally approved by the U.S. EPA effective August 13, 1992, 30 days after the publication of the final rule. At that time the EPA advised MACS that all individuals trained under the MACS
program since its inception would be considered properly trained and certified.

This program is designed to encourage proper equipment use and service procedures. The MACS certification program includes information on HFC-134a and R-12 refrigerant recovery and recycling procedures, so that all technicians certified by MACS for CFC-12 are also considered certified for HFC-134a by the U. S. EPA.

The cost per test is $20. Section 609 certification once achieved, is a lifetime certification. Click here to visit the U.S. EPA website to view more information on Section 609 certification.

Important information regarding Section 609 Certification

  • Section 609 certification is a requirement of the United States Clean Air Act of 1990. It is a requirement for purchasing R-12 refrigerant and recovering R-134a refrigerant. Click here to visit the U.S. EPA website for a  brief overview of requirements regarding Section 609 certification. Click here for new refrigerant fact sheets from U.S. EPA 

  • The cost for a MACS Section 609 test is $20 per test. Payment must be made before a test will be issued online or for home study. You have the options of taking the Section 609 certification test online here at the MACS website, or you may order a home study test. MACS can also provide onsite classes for Section 609 certification. To learn more about setting up a class call 215/631-7020 and dial "0" or e-mail 

    Click here to follow the instructions for ordering an online Section 609 test ($20).

    Click here to follow the instructions for ordering a Section 609 home study test using the MACS online store ($20 each).

    Click here to download a form to order home study tests by fax or mail DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. ($20 each)


    • Section 609 certification is good for life under current U.S. law and no re-certification is currently required.

    • If credentials are lost they may be replaced for a $10 fee provided MACS has the individual’s certification record on file. MACS maintains records for both MACS and IMACA Section 609 certifications going back to 1991. 
      Click here to follow the procedure for replacing your credentials or call MACS headquarters at 215/631-7020 between 8:30am-5pm Eastern Time.

    • Section 609 tests are available in both English and Spanish.
      Click here to download the Section 609 study manual in English
      Click here to download the Section 609 study manual in Spanish

    • Please allow 10-14 days for processing and mail delivery for test and credentials.
    • If you would like to get more information regarding live webinar or onsite training for your technicians on Section 609 certification or other mobile A/C topics call 215/631-7020 x304 or e-mail
    • If you need information on becoming a proctor of Section 609 classes please visit the proctor tab above.