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July/August  2016 ACTION Magazine

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 Four Seasons new A/C shop promo kit (7/14/2016) 
 Honeywell Scientists Honored (6/17/2016) 
 MACS Mobile A/C Webinar (5/23/2016) 
 Honeywell to partner with Chinese yf manufacturer (4/7/2016) 
 Mahle sponsors MACS San Diego Clinic (4/6/2016) 
   Attendees have the chance to win a Mahle RRR machine
 TCCI and the 7000,000 Compressor (3/18/2016) 
 Robinair and MACS host free 609 webinar May 4 (3/7/2016) 
   Attendees must register by April 27
 1-800-Radiator announces clinics (3/7/2016) 
 Mike Dawson honored for MACS service (2/16/2016) 
 MACS board of directors elect officers for 2016 (2/16/2016) 
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